Artist Lecture with Jennifer Pulchinski
April 18, 2012; 7:00 pm-9:30 pm
Large community room of the Bozeman Public Library

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Thanks to community members like you, 2012 has been an exciting year for the art lovers in Bozeman! The Bozeman Sculpture Park (BSP) held our inaugural show adjacent to the Bozeman Public Library in Downtown Bozeman.

Nine sculptures by prominent artists from Eastern and Central Montana are viewed each day at no cost to the public. The BSP monthly lecture series given by exhibiting artists at the Bozeman Public Library is also well attended.

In 2012, we will be expanding the show to include 6 additional artists from Western Montana. The sculptures currently in the Park will remain, bringing the total number of sculptures in the BSP to 15.

The BSP Board of Directors recognizes the difficult economic environment of today and strives to keep the cost of the Park to a minimum. At the same time, we believe in the value of public art that inspires and refreshes the human spirit. Please consider donating to the BSP, your support will enable this show to happen in 2012!

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Bozeman Sculpture Park (BSP) has kicked off its annual fund drive for our 2012 Montana Invitational. We need to raise $20,000 to hold our 2nd Annual Montana art exhibit. All donations will go towards sponsoring an Artist from Central and Western Montana in this summer's event, and supporting their sculpture in the Park until August 2014. Please consider donating to the BSP, your support is a testimony of the value public art brings the entire community.

Your donation can be made by sending a check to our mailing address at PO BOX 1765, Bozeman, MT 59772 or by using the online Pal Pay services.

Look for some exciting BSP events coming up next summer in Bozeman!

The Bozeman Sculpture Park Projeet was selected by the Bozeman Beautification Advisory Board to receive a 20ll Beautification Award for excellence in the category of Sculpture Park.

BSP Board of Directors Opening
The Bozeman Sculpture Park (BSP) Board of Directors is currently seeking enthusiastic new Board Members! See more ...